doma architects projects

We see each new project as being unique and approach each individually.

Here are a few projects we have undertaken. Please feel free to click on the pictures or links below to have a browse:

barn conversions
_ barn conversion, milby
_ barn conversion, tockwith
_ old smithy barn, marton cum grafton
house extensions
_ contemporary lean-to, harrogate
_ woven brick house, roundhay
_ kitchen garden, harrogate
_ pool house, sicklinghall
_ garden gallery, harrogate
_ shadow house, york
_ grey gable, roundhay
_ kitchen garden, chapel allerton
_ sliding link, harrogate
_ old bakery, harrogate
new build houses
_ courtyard house, linton
listed houses
_ folded house tockwith
_ modern wing, boston spa
_ glass box, sicklinghall
_ dementia day care centre, burton leonard
_ doctors surgery, wetherby
_ forgotten spaces sheffield

doma architects green doma architects-barn conversion milby doma architects-forgotten spaces sheffield doma architects greendoma architects-kitchen garden harrogate doma architects green contemporary lean to harrogate doma architects-house extension harrogate house extension york-doma architects folded house tockwith-doma architects doma architects green courtyard house doma architects-old smithy barn doma architects green pool house doma architects-garden gallery harrogate